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  • He Wears My Face
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  • Too Late, a Song for Beverley

     Judith Hayman, 1993
    He wears my face                               Gdim/B7
    When he looks in her eyes he smiles my smile   Am7*/Am6
    Why should he stand                            Gdim/B7
    Where my place ought to be?                    Am7*/Am6
    Why can't my Imzadi see                        Am7/D
    How very like are we?                          Cm7/Bm7/Esus4-E7
    He wears my face
    As he walks through this ship he strides my stride
    His very thoughts
    Are like my own
    I wonder now would I have grown
    Like him, had I been alone??                   Bm7/Am7/A
       Eight years by myself, would I see inside?     Dm6/Am7/Em7/F #7
       And  find what I need: the soul I now hide?    Dm6/A7sus4/Am7/Bm7/Esus4
       Or if he'd been here, could he be the same,    G7/C/E7/F #7
       This man who wears my name?                    Bm7/F#7/E7sus4-E7
    He wears my face
    As he leaves this ship where I must stay.
    I see my life
    As if in a mirror
    And it reflects what I now fear
    The truth that is so very clear                Am7/D
    That what I see in him                         Am7/Bm7-E7sus4
    Is only me.                                    A-Asus2-A
    Based on the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Second Chances"

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    K'EHLEYR Judith Hayman, 1992 K'Ehleyr, proud warrior of Klinzhai, Asus2/Em/Dsus2 Sail proudly to the Black Fleet of Death. Asus2/Dsus2/Asus2 K'Ehleyr, master of the endless game, Asus2/Em/Dsus2 Carry courage even in defeat. Asus2/Em/Asus2 K'Ehleyr, stand tall in honour, Spent your life in Empire's cause K'Ehleyr, came as an envoy, Gave your life in treachery's defeat. K'Ehleyr, chosen love of my heart, Life companion, never to be gained K'Ehleyr, bonded mate of my life, My soul howls your name again. K'Ehleyr, no Klingon maiden, thee Walked her own path through the stars. K'Ehleyr, with Alexander, I will sing you to the Black Fleet. Based on the character of K'Ehleyr from Star Trek: the Next Generation's two episodes, "The Emissary" and "Reunion", with some references to Klingons as protrayed in John de Ford's novel, The Final Reflection.

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    LOST CHANCES Judith Hayman, 1993 intro: A* A11 Fmaj7 E A*A11 Fmaj (Thomas) Through the years, the passing years A*/A11 The years spent alone, Fmaj7/E I'd search the sky and if I'd try A*/A11 Somehow you'd feel me near... Fmaj7/A You'd feel me near you and wait. Fmaj7/Cmaj7/D And I cursed the lost chances to be with you again G/D/Cmaj7/A And I thought maybe you loved me still G/Bm7/E Hoped maybe you loved me still... Fmaj7/G/D (Deanna) Through the years, the empty years The years far from you I'd look up high and search the sky And somehow I would know You felt my thoughts too... And I mourned the lost chances to be with you again As I felt our thoughts touch across space Our hearts touched across space. (Deanna) After years, the lonely years Our hearts meet once more, (Thomas) In what we said and left unsaid Are the moments that we shared, (Deanna) A star that we both shared. Can I take this chance to love you again (Thomas) To rebuild the love we once knew? (Both) Oh, can I love you? Both) Through the years, the passing years The years yet to be, I'll look up high, I'll search the sky And spare a thought for you, And the love that will not be... Oh, will you think of me? Fmaj7/G/A*-A11-Fmaj7-Amaj7 Based on the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Second Chances"

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    NOT SO TRILLED Judith Hayman,1993 intro: C Am F G C Am F C Cmaj7 C I just don't love you, Julian, C/Am I just don't care. F/G If you walk in front of me C/Am Stripped totally bare. F/G For I don't love you, Julian, C/Am-C I just don't care. F/G/C - F - C-Cmaj7 Doctor, you are a charming child G/F With a line that's surprisingly bold D/C/A The pretty woman who lights up your eyes G/F Has a heart that's three hundred years old... D/C/E And I don't love you, Julian, I've been with all kinds: All shapes and all sizes and Every sex I could find. I just don't love you, Julian, Get me off your mind. You say that you want to marry me And set up a menage a trois. My dear, the cost of loving a Trill Will truly fill you with awe... For I don't love you, Julian, You don't give me chills. But I kinda like you, Julian, So you'll fill the bill, If you can remember, Julian, There are no cheap Trills...

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    TOO LATE: a song for Beverley Judith Hayman, 1993 intro: G - C - D - D7 - G What can you do when love comes just a little too late? G/C/G/D What can you do if love comes when your choices are already made? G/C/D/Em And when the heart that calls to yours belongs to someone else? D/C/D/Am What can you do? What can you do? G/Am What can you do when the love you see runs deep and true? What can you do when the love you feel is not felt for you? And the hearts you could break apart, are hearts both dear to you? What can you do? What can you do? So the words "I love you" go unsaid and in time the feelings die. Bm7/E/Bm7/E But the haunting heartbreak lingers as if unsaid words could lie. F/Am/G/D Till we finally reach this place where all deceit must end Bm7/E/Bm7/E And I freely speak my hidden heart: Once I loved you my friend. F/Am/G/D What can you do when in honesty I'd build that love anew? What can you do when you cannot give the love I give to you? And so we've come full circle to a life that will not change, What can you do, When my love runs true, Am But your heart just cannot change, G/Em/Am What can you do? Em Based on the Star Trek: the Next Generation episode, "Attached"

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    Judith Hayman, 2003