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a collection of filk songs by

Judith Hayman

available from fine filk dealers as:

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Sea of Stars CD & Tape

The 65 minute recording features:

  • Aux Etoiles
  • Someone's Mom
  • Moonheart
  • Outward Dream
  • Let It Be Writ
  • The Last Step
  • Dream On
  • Kangaroos in California
  • Fair Folk
  • Lost Chances
  • Waltz for Organs and Guitar
  • Long Lullaby
  • The Healer's War
  • Yuck
  • Farewell
  • Sea of Stars
  • Featured backup performers include Mary Ellen Wessels, Ed Stauff, Lloyd Landa, Urban Tapestry, Fred Brown, Heather Borean, Howard Scrimgeour, Dave Hayman and Jennifer Hayman
    Recorded at DTFB Studios

    Sea of Stars Songbook

    The coil bound 100 page songbook includes all the above songs plus:

    Songs recorded elsewhere
    • K'Ehleyr
    • Not So Trilled

    Parodies by Judith
    • I, Wannabe
    • Signy's Mad At Me
    • Udderly Cowful
    Parodies of Judith
    • Seagull Envy by Rennie Levine
    • Waltz for Organs and Vulcan Harp by Joel Polowin
    • Orc's Toilets by Roger Burton-West
    Humour in Prose and Cartoon
    • Dave's Girls
    • The Toronto Trek Condom Story
    • Too Much Fandom, or, How My Cats Got a Starship of their Own
      including the infamous Starfleet Pets cartoons

    The songbook also features illustrations by Sally Jane Headford. All songs are in both lead sheet (lyrics and chords) and music notation.

    The cover art, "Captured" is by Ottawa's Sandi Marie.
    Please do not copy it.

    2004, Judith Hayman