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    THE FAIR FOLK                           		
     Judith Hayman, 1993
    Asus2      Dsus2  G            Asus2
    Gold and silver shine all around
           Asus2       Dsus2            G            D        Dadd G  D
    In a thousand lights on the dancing ground
          Asus2       Dsus2         G         Asus2
    Oh come not here at the fall of night
                      Asus2       Dsus2           G          Asus2
    Where the Fair Folk dance in the waning light
    Chorus:                G                                    Asus2
    Oh, the Fair Folk dance and the Fair Folk sing,
                Dsus2      G               Asus2
    As the Fair Folk step in the magic ring.
            G                                Asus2
    Oh, tread not here till the light of day
                Dsus2      G             Asus2
    Or the Fair Folk steal your soul away.
    In the hollow hills the Old Ones throng
    And click their bones to the ceilidh song.
    The banshee wails in the darkling night
    As the Fair Folk dance till the morning light
    Seven years spent out of time
    And all is lost that once was mine.
    I tarried once and listened long
    To the echoes of the Fair Folks' song.
    Tall and proud and wondrous fair
    The people of the dark and air.
    Hold high the iron that they fear!
    The Fair Folk call -- don't let them near.
    chorus X 2

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    THE LAST STEP (Ripley's Song) Judith Hayman, 1993 (2/4) intro: Cmaj7 A11 E Cmaj7 A11 Fmaj7 B7 In one more step this nightmare will end Cmaj7 Am7 Bm7 Asus2 In the death that had to be. D C E A For I've always known, I've always known C G -- D That the one to die would be me, Cmaj7 Cm7 Bm7 Asus2 Since first I saw that face of death, Cmaj7 Dsus2 E - Esus4 - E Now sheltered deep in me. Chorus: Cmaj7 A11 Esus4 Alone, again I'm alone Cmaj7 Cm7 A -- Asus2 Ever and always alone. Bb F This last choice I make, Asus2 Am7 Fmaj7 Dsus2 And this last step I take, Cmaj7 Dsus2 E On this world that will be my last home Cmaj7 Bm7 Cm7 A Em -- A -- Em Ever and always alone. Alone. This life was one I made for myself Though the choices often came hard. But there were no regrets, there are no regrets, For I followed my own heart. So the life I give, goes freely As I play my final part. Chorus The next step is the last one alone; No one else can take for me. As the fires rise, feel the nightmare rise, And it's one last step to be free. It's too late, there's nothing left Nothing to say but good-bye. (No chorus) Coda: Cmaj7 Dsus2 E This is Ripley, the last of Nostromo Cmaj7 Bm7 Cm7 A Em -- A -- E Signing off. Good-bye. Good-bye. Based on the closing moments of Aliens 3.

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    2004, Judith Hayman