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M for Moddy
odesty of Hotel Hayman

Moddy came to us as a tiny kitten in 1986. Though the bigger of the cats, Moddy is only ten pounds. Okay, maybe 11. She's had some ill health of late, but that's to be expected. She is a venerable old calico (black, white and orange) tabby with ultra long fur and lovely yellow-green eyes. Her mother was abandoned with her kittens at the home of the woman who was then Judith's supervisor. The Hayman's adopted her because she was the only kitten from the litter brave enough to come and investigate us, and because she has extra toes on her big feet. We called her Modesty, after the comic, book and movie character, Modesty Blaise. Just like the character she responds to the nickname "Princess".

Moddy firmly believes that she is Empress of the Universe. But she's definitely not as "cute but dumb" as she looks. Moddy learned how to open the screen door to the patio. Wish she'd learn how to shut it!! She's a wonderful cat who loves music and being sung to and will come right up to a singer. This is very cute until she decides to lay down on the music! Or to sing along. She is amazingly sociable and always in the center of company.

Her favourite sports are lying down, sleeping and being fed (though she does play when the mood strikes. Noblesse oblige), though she is a gold medalist in bug-chasing. Butterflies are her favourite. She prefers Richard or Dave to the ladies and inevitably sleeps on Rich's bed..


2004, Judith Hayman