Filk Songs

Filk and Folk Songs, Part 3

Silly Songs

  • Black and Green Sleepers
  • Cooties
  • Eat Me!
  • I, Wannabe...
  • Kangaroos in California
  • Signy's Mad at Me
  • Someone's Mom
  • Strange Love: The Filker and the Cat
  • Waltz for Organs and Guitar
  • Yuck!

  • Space
    Star Trek

    Filk and Folk Songs, Part 5

    Songs More Folk than Filk

  • All My Love
  • Dream On
  • I Am Not an Island
  • Let It Be Writ
  • Mist Maid
  • Passing Years

    © Judith Hayman, 2002
    intro:  C - F - G - C
    I will bring you cherries to sweeten all the air             C/F/G/C
    And I will bring you roses for to twine upon your hair.      F/G/C/G
    I will bring you starshine drawn down from high above.       C/F/C/F/G
    But most of all, my darling, I’ll bring you all my love.     C/F/G/C
    I will bring you rainbows to chase away the rain
    And I will bring you laughter to cut through any pain.
    I will bring you sunlight to brighten every day
    And fill our hearts and lives with a hope that never fades.
    I will bring you music, the sweetest of songbirds
    I’ll bring you my verses, my soul writ into words.
    I will bring moonlight to witness all my vows:
    My faith in you is boundless, forever just as now.
         We stand before each other, and pledge upon our love,         Dm/F/Am/C
         Call witness from our fellows, and all that lies above,       Em/G/C-C/B-G
         We speak our vows with laughter, make promises in tears:      Dm/F/A/C
         That we will bring each other our faith though all the years. Em/G/Am/G
    I will bring you rainbows to chase away the rain
    I will bring you music, the sweetest of refrains
    I will bring you starshine drawn down from high above.
    With faith and hope, my darling, I’ll bring you all my love.
    All my love, all my love, all my love.                              F/G/C

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    DREAM ON... © Judith Hayman, 1995 A rocking song for Talis Marguerite Intro: D A G D Folded in sleep, what dreams do you keep? D/A/G/A What star do you follow in a world where you're new? G/D/G/A So, I promise I'll try and teach you to fly D/A/G/A So the dreams that you're dreaming may one day come true. G/D/G/A/D Chorus: Dream on, dream all night long, G/A/G/A Safe in my arms, all through every night. D/A/G/A Dream on, dream until dawn, G/D/A/D Sheltered in love, 'till your dreams can take flight. G/D/G/A/D You are newly made, but your future awaits And the road you will travel lies far from this day. So, I'll teach you with love, and hope it's enough, That with wit and with wisdom you'll find your own way. Chorus Folded in sleep, what dreams do you keep? What star can I give you, in a world where you're new? Your dreams are your own, but I want you to know: For me, you're the best dream that ever came true... Chorus Coda: Sheltered in love, 'till your own dreams take flight. G/D/G/A/D

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    I AM NOT AN ISLAND © Judith Hayman, 1993 I am not an island, I am one with you. D/C/G/A Whatever hurts you bear, are part of me, too. D/C/G/A But if I open my heart, it may lighten yours; G/ G/F# /E/D/G/E And we'll share a better world than we had before. F/E/D/C/A-D There are times when I lean on you and you don't count the cost Times when it's your turn to be lonely, to be lost, Hours we fill with laughter or hold each others' hand; Times when all we share is talk with a friend who'll understand. I don't have answers for all the troubles that you face. G/D/E/A7 You can't solve my problems or stand here in my place. D/G/E7/A Whether you're far away or right here close to me, E/A/G/B7 The one sin is indifference and compassion is the key... G/D/E//A-A7 I am not an island, I am one with you. Whatever hurts you bear, are part of me, too. But we can share our laughter and we can share our strife And we'll build with every day the future in this life. The future in this life. C/D

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    LET IT BE WRIT © Judith Hayman, 1993 Let it be writ upon the wind that once we two did love. Am/F/G/E/C/F/G Let it be carved on every cloud, the story of our youth. Am/F/G/E/C/Bb/Bm7 For our love was 'graved in sunshine upon the shifting sands. F/C/Dm/E Let it be writ upon the wind that we loved. Am/F/G/E/Am-G-F-Bb That we loved. Am Let every star in every sky sing the song our hearts once sang. Let waves that wash on every shore tell the joy that we once knew. And the halls of time will echo with the love that once was ours. Let it be writ upon the wind that we loved. That we loved. Bridge: Time gave us no warning that loving has a price. G/Bm7/Am7/Em7 As if it never happened, our love died and was gone. G/Bm7/Am7/D The empty place here in me will ever live that loss G/Bm7/Am7/E7 And the walls that cage my heart are made of ice. F/G/Am/Em/Am Let bitter rains that wash my soul tell the measure of my grief. Let the piercing winds of winter cry the pain that fills my heart. For the passion of our loving was the flaming leaves that die. Let it be writ upon the wind that we loved. Am/F/G/E /Am-G-F-Bb That we loved. Am-G-F You and I that we loved. Bb/Am

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    MIST MAID © 2002, Judith Hayman Silver in the moonlight, softly from the shore, Em/Dsus2/Asus2/Em A certain paddle drives her toward the rapids’ roar. Asus2/Dsus2/Asus2/Em Three times a wife she’s been, but that life now has passed, Em/Asus2/Dsus2/Em For each time ere the season waned, the brave breathed his last. Asus2/Dsus2/Asus2/Em Now her people sicken, she fears she is the cause, Bm7/Am7 And beneath the moon of thunder, seeks the mercy of the falls. Bm7/Am/Asus2/Em Chorus: Oh, Great Spirit, bind me to the river, Em/Dsus2/Asus2/Em Cruel are the currents, relentless are the rocks, Em/Dsus2/Asus2/Dsus2 Lead my vessel onward, to the brink of forever, Em/Dsus2/Asus2/Em By my sacrifice may no more lives be lost. Em/Dsus2/Asus2/Em She drives through the rapids, the cataract is near, Though the tears shine upon her face, she shows no sign of fear The mighty mist has swallowed her, the river takes its due, In but a breath, fierce eddies swirl the wreck of a canoe. No woman lies there broken, by a mighty hand she’s stayed Through the Falls Great Thunder has drawn her to his cave. Chorus “Oh woman of the Longhouse, you live in such torment To dare the land of souls long before your time is spent You are not filled with evil but a curse lies on you still Cast by evil medicine, any that you love it kills". With a mightly breath he filled her with Thunder’s restless power, And cast the scourge like a snake at her feet to cower. Chorus “Oh, people of the mountain, take back this child to you Cleansed of evil curses, her spirit is renewed. A hunter great will marry her, many will her children be, Her crops will ere be bounteous, as reaps the sisters three. There hangs the evil o’er the Mist, a many-colored bow. Remember it, and know that from great evil, courage grows." Chorus Niagara roars, the rainbow shines, the mist still fills the sky, The river keeps her secrets, those who live and those who die. But the people of the Longhouse and the Thunder gods have fled For the land had filled with strangers in their coats of blue and red. But sometimes by the cataract, hear their voices whoso list, The gods who ruled the Thunder, the maid who dared the mist. Chorus

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    PASSING YEARS © Judith Hayman, 1992 intro: C - D - E They speak about the world as if it's covered by a winter's blight. C/D/G/F/G Riven round with strife and pain and no hope ever left in sight. C/D/G/F/G Yet, I see daily acts of grace of courage and of deepest care E/F/G/C/E And those, like me, who won't believe that snow is all to which we're heir... F/G/C/Bb/E/C The pain, the hurt are all too true but part, not all, our legacy. Though cynics may think hope a waste the future lost to humanity. To me the force of human hope still shines like sun across the earth, The warmth of love in human hearts will melt the snow, like spring's re-birth. Chorus: There will always be rainbows in my skies C/D/F/G/E And stars for me to wish on every night C/D/F/G/Am The world is still full of wonder F/G/C I still see with the eyes of a child F/G/Am Though they've grown a little more tattered F/G/C I still hold the same ideals high. G/F/D-G And the rainbows have not disappeared F/G/ With the passing years. C/E/F-G-C end: F-G-C-E-C Snow cannot hide miracles that happen daily everywhere; Words and deeds of kindness that answer grief with melting care; The hearts that reach out still with love; hands that reach to take my hand; And all those who live their lives so winter's not what's left to man.

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    © 2004, Judith Hayman