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How we ended up in filk fandom
Dave and I entered fandom after our kids were old enough to be independent. This was a good thing. While I'd been a Science Fiction fan since age 11, Dave had converted to ensure we didn't have a "mixed" marriage. But neither of us knew much about fandom (!). In one of our hunts for older books we spotted the poster of doom in Bakka Books (which is responsible for a great deal, but that's another story). The poster advertised a little event called Toronto Trek Celebration 2 in August, 1988. Wow! a convention right near by. We'd just recently heard about the legendary ST cons of the '70's...

As time, commitments and parenthood would have it, we were only able to attend on the Sunday. Nonetheless we were hooked.

Then came the flyer of doom: I sent in a membership for Star Trek Toronto. Then we attended meetings...

In 1989, we attended TT 3. We went looking for the filk. There was none. We knew this had to change. We'd now heard of filk and the idea that an activity that combined two of our passions -- SF and music -- wasn't at TT just couldn't be.

That fall, we went to a smallish con in Ottawa and heard real filk music. It was only a tape, but it was the real thing. We thought it good. In 1990, we attended Ad Astra, Toronto's general SF convention. We heard live filk. We bought tapes from Wail Songs (table run by Catherine Cook Mac donald) and from Glenn Simser. We heard Robin Nakkula, Duane Elms, Joey Shoji and Allison Durno. And we met this dude, Howard Scrimgeour. And he introduced us to Allison, who fueled our filk habit with tapes, and books and MUSIC.

With a little persuasion (and a LOT of manoeuvring around fannish politics) Allison and I did the first filk panel at Toronto Trek IV (1990) ever. Dave and I became part of the local filk community. And we picked up another flyer for this little event called "FilKONtario", a brand new filk convention happening right close by. The first FKO was in 1991. By then Dave and I were in love with filk music and fandom.

By FKO2, we helped out a little, just casually. By FKO3, we were on concom, running registration. By FKO4, I found myself conchair... And in 1993 I was asked to join the Board of Directors of Interfilk. It's been quite a run.There have been a lot of cons since then -- too many to mention all of them -- but we have found our special place.

2004, Judith Hayman