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We've finally entered the 21st century with songs from
my album Sea of Stars now available as MP3's.
Please enjoy.

All of the following songs are posted by the songwriter and holder of the song copywrite.
All of the performers have given permission for these mp3's to be posted.

  • Aux Etoiles
  • Someone's Mom
  • Moonheart
  • Outward Dream
  • Let It Be Writ
  • The Last Step
  • Dream On
  • Kangaroos in California
  • Fair Folk
  • Lost Chances
  • Waltz for Organs and Guitar
  • Long Lullaby
  • The Healer's War
  • Yuck
  • Farewell
  • Sea of Stars
  • Featured backup performers include Mary Ellen Wessels, Ed Stauff, Lloyd Landa, Urban Tapestry, Fred Brown, Heather Borean, Howard Scrimgeour, Dave Hayman and Jennifer Hayman. All performances used by permission. All songs written by Judith Hayman.

    The CD insert from Sea of Stars is available for download here.

    2006, Judith Hayman