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D for Dave
ave Hayman

Things you should know about Dave

regular stuff... Dave no longer works in the Accounts Payable department. Stelco, in July of 2003, changed over it's whole Financial system to PeopleSoft. Because of this, all the A/P departments affected, were transferred back to Hamilton's downtown. So Dave went from car-pooling to Lake Erie, to a 15 minute bus ride. Leaving Lake Erie, was a hard thing to do - Dave had been there since 1979. So he missed many friends - but not the drive. At Stelco Tower, new friendships were made - and then retirements started. When Stelco went into bankruptcy protection (near the end of January, 2004) there was always the thought of what would happen to the company he works for and his family has worked for, for many years. PeopleSoft was a challenge - Dave spent most of his day solving problems so invoices could be paid. Just after a year, on this assignment, he has now (as the end of June) moved into a new position. Because of retirements, a position, at the # 2 Rod Mill (part of the Hamilton or "Hilton Works", as it used to be known as) came up. They were looking for someone who had the skills to fill this position. Dave was given the job and is now being trained on it. It means that he has to drive now, instead of taking the bus, but his old department was moving near his new location, some time this summer anyway. He looks at the new position (Senior Accounting Clerk - #2 Rod Mill) as a challenge and a good change.

He's no longer on the Board of Directors of our Condominium Association (Wentworth Condominium Corporation #44, Paradise Estates), on which he has been since the mid 1980's. It's time for new blood to be involved - but he is still consulted on an irregular basis.

Dave's hair started turning silver at age 20

Rather than have a "mixed marriage", Dave converted to science fiction before he and Judith were married. Dave had not read SF at all, until then.

He is still the sports fan of the family, and is happy that not only Richard, but also Jennifer inherited some of the correct genes. He has been a lifelong fan of the local CFL (Canadian Football League) team, The Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Judith is a fan when Dave can get her to admit it). He has also become a Toronto Raptors fan. He continues to enjoy the success of the Hamilton Bulldogs , of the AHL (the American Hockey League).

For home grown sports, Dave and Judith are well into hiking -- though not overnight just yet. The renowned Bruce Trail runs right through Hamilton and provides an amazing contrast to the local city.

somewhat more unusual stuff

Dave landed in fandom in 1988. He was on the convention committee of Toronto Trek for many years. And even though no longer on its concom is often involved in programming.

He discovered the filk community with Judith in 1991 and loves it. He doesn't perform (unless Judith "persuades" him) but he's a devoted archivist and has gazillions of files of filk songs and recordings filed in the computer. If you have any requests for an e-mail copy of a song, just ask, and he we check to see if he has it.

It is Dave who came up with the idea of a Filk Hall of Fame and remains its non -voting administrator. He's brought his special talents to FilKONtario since 1993. He assisted Jan DiMasi in running the filk track at Chicon (in 2000), ran the filk track at Ad Astra, in 2002, and with Judith ran the filk programming at Torcon3 (in 2003). In 2002 he was the Honoured listener at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest . Last but not least, he's an "Official" Interfilk Spouse and can be seen at IF auctions ably assisting Persis Thorndike.

He enjoys reading and working on the computer, creating data bases for not only filk songs, the FKO mailing and registration lists, but also for the many books that he and Judith own.

2004, Judith Hayman