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Calling Them Home
The Healer's War
The Landbride
The Lazy Wizard
Red Star
Time and Distance

Star Trek


© 1997, Judith Hayman
The keeper’s life is a lonely one out beyond the rim		Am/D/F/C	
Sometimes the call of the  beacon is the spacer’s only hymn		F/G/D/B7
For the beacon is our lifeline as we travel in far space,		F/G/D/C	
As the beacon and its keeper help make the space lanes safe.	F/G/D - E Am

On Beacon Nine the keeper brings to space a special light
Six months in isolation, she plays songs against the night
Songs of all the worlds we know and songs that are her own
As Margette’s voice, within the dark -- tells us we’re not alone.

Refrain:	I am here, calling them home 		Am/C/G/F/C/Am/D
	Hear my song, calling them home 	Am/C/G/F/C/Am/D

The Broadway she was headed in with a full crew on that day
Margette’s voice gave greeting then she warned us on our way,
“There’s an ion storm that’s heading past but Broadway you’ll be fine
Just make your course well clockwise of the call of Beacon Nine.

But as the ion storm swept past it gave a final lash,
The beacon’s call fell silent as every systems crashed,.
But in the dark Margette worked to patch the backup in:
A battery powered radio and her own sweet voice to sing.


A hundred times the keeper’s chant rang out through the night
As blind to navigation, on her voice we sped our flight.
Margette’s voice grew ragged, but she left us not alone
For still she sang the beacon’s song, the call to bring us home.

Ten thousand times she sang the crippled Beacon’s call out clear
We clung to her voice that night, our hope against the fear
‘Till we signalled from the Broadway, “We’ve found our way through
“Margette you have saved us all, and now we’ll rescue you!”



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Judith Hayman, ©1994

intro: Am - Dm - Em - Am

I came with just my two bare hands and a hard-won gift to heal,	Am/F/G/Em
But found that all I knew as truth, somehow no longer real.		F/G/C/E7
What can I bring to the mindless hurt of war,			F/G/D/B7
When I hear the dead bell peal, in every chopper’s roar?		F/Em/G/ G/F# /Em
	There is no win or lose; there’s no keeping score,	Dm/Am/Dm/Em(s.n.E B E A)
	But you learn to cry in the Healer’s War.		Dm/Em/Am

There’s carnage all around me; the bodies pile high,
Of young live that are shattered and plain folk too proud to die,
For in this tragic country, there is no hope, no cure,
When soldiers kill with weapons, but healers kill with just a word.
	There is no win or lose; there’s no keeping score,
	But you learn to curse the Healer’s War.

Deep within the jungle are truths that I can’t hide:
The foe may have more honour than the ally at my side;
Sometimes death brings healing, beyond the healer’s greatest skill;
And in the final moment, a healer’s hand can also kill.
	There is no win or lose, there’s no keeping score,
	But you learn you must leave the Healer’s War.

transition: Am - Dm - G - E7

Don’t turn your face from fear and hate, they too are part of you,		D/C/D/C
Though courage and compassion are what you pursue.			F/C/Dm/G
Look the dark thoughts in the eye, their dominion cannot grow;		D/C/D/C
Your mind will clear of anguish, the healing power can flow.		F/C/G/E

The twilight fog is lifting and I wonder what is real:
The war I left behind me or the new hope that I feel?
For in that heart of darkness, I faced my darkest soul,
And found my inner light: a Way that makes this healer whole.
	There is no win or lose, there’s no keeping score,
	But you learn to live through the Healer’s War.
 	Yes, I learned to live, in the Healer’s War.

Ending: Am - Dm - Em - Am - Em - Am

Based on the novel, The Healer’s War, by Elizabeth Anne Scarborough

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The Landbride	
Intro lyrics: Elizabeth Moon 
Other lyrics: Judith Hayman
Music: Judith Hayman

intro:		The Landbride has died.
She who was Landbride is no more.
Her body has returned to the land.
Her power is released to the heavens.

They’ve dressed me all in black,
Layered clothes that bind me.
Lit candles at the shrine,
But their light can’t find me.
Though the doubts press close,
My vows ring o’er the plain
By tradition and my oath,
I’m bound to this domain
The Landbride has died
The Landbride will live again

I’ve opened the green earth,
Mixed water, blood and clay.
Made markers that define
The boundaries of my stay.
Though the Gift is mine
In heartline’s true descent,
My heart lies otherwhere;
I can but repent.
The Landbride has died,
The Landbride will live again.

	The wind among the mountains
Whispers “Do not roam.”
It cannot know the secret
That drives me from my home,
Or that the stars have always
Sung me their sweet song.
The bonds of tradition
Echo strong, echo long.

I fled out to the Fleet
And earned honour to my name.
How can I cower here,
Sent  homeward, touched by shame?
These lands don’t call my heart,
I yearn for farthest space,
To serve a mighty ship
A bridge my chosen  place.
The Landbride has died
The Landbride will live again

Based on a subplot in Elizabeth Moon’s novels, Once A Hero, Rules of Engagement, 
Change of Command and Against the Odds.  Esmay Suiza, the first Regular Space Service 
officer from Altiplano, becomes heir to the family lands.  In an ancient ceremony she 
marries the land – and immediately regrets it. The opening lines quote or paraphrase 
Moon’s Landbride ceremony.  

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© 2002, Judith Hayman

They come to my door so monotonously 			E/B7/A/E
Those ridiculous wizards who want to test me		A/B7/E
’Cause I’m the very best wizard the world’s ever known	E/G/ A
Why the heck can’t they leave me alone?	E/B7
	They’re making me...  Crazy			G/B7
	They’re driving me... Crazy			G/B7
	All of this wizarding’s too much to take	E/A/G/E
	When I just want to lie in the sun and be lazy.	E/A/B7/E

They say that they just cannot approve
The way that I dress and my whimsical mood
They want me to play by ridiculous rules
With their crystals and robes that are just so un-cool
	They’re making me...  Crazy	
	They’re driving me... Crazy
	The Wizards’ Council is too much to take
	When I just want to lie in the sun and be lazy.

The world just cannot appreciate
How little effort it takes me to be great
I really don’t need all those whistles and bells
When a wink sends a demon straight to netherhell...
	They’re making me...  Crazy	
	They’re driving me...  Crazy
	All of this waving of arms is such a great bore
	When I just want to lie in the sun and be lazy. 

	I suppose there a few odd compensations		A/G/B7
	Like handsome men with dubious reputations	A/G/B7
	And if they can sing or they play on the lute	A/B7
 	Then I’m amenable to their attributes.		E/A/B7

So I go on their travels like horrible quests
Inevitably they learn I’m the best,
That second rate mage is now a babe I’ll take home,
I’m his mother again and again he’s my son.
	He’s making me...  Crazy	
	He’s driving me...  Crazy
	Maybe this time I’ll try to make him a bard
	So maybe I can lie in the sun and be lazy.
Yes, he can be a musician just like his dad
And maybe I’ll can lie in the sun and be lazy.

Based on the Magdelene stories by Tanya Huff, especially 
“Third Time Lucky” and “Nothing Up Her Sleeve”

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© 1995, Judith Hayman			

intro: Em - D - G - D - Em - D - Em

Moonheart frail as the moon’s fair light yet rooted deep in Earth’s bones	Em/D/G/D/Em/D/Em
The melody is the path that you take to the stillness of your own.		Em/D/G/D/Em/D/Em
Where every note is a stepping stone to the silence deep below,		D/Em/Am/D
Where sure and still is the strength, the will that keeps you safe and whole	Em/D/G/D/Em/D/Em
Refrain:	Sound the music in your mind, let it do its part			D/Em/Am/E7
	For the magic rises to the song, your song, my fair Moonheart	Am/G/C/D/Em/D/Em

The mother doffs her war dark cloak to smile with Maiden’s eyes,
So you, my Summer Country flower, will take the warrior’s guise.
You must take the moon’s path, with your heartkin as your shield;
Our love is strong to sustain your song and the power you must wield.


Bridge:      The challenge burns before you, to best an evil old		Am/Em/Am/E7
             But the first trail you must master is the cold fear in your soul	Am/Em//Am/E7

Moonheart frail as the moon’s fair light yet rooted deep in old Earth
The trial bring you mastery, brings your heart to its re-birth;
For every soul has a melody and from it clear and strong,
The magic springs as the heartsong rings, in tune with Earth’s own song.


ending: repeat   Em - D - G - D - Em - D - Em

Based on the novel, Moonheart,  by Charles de Lint

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© 1994, Judith Hayman
Red Eye on the Star Stones     D/A
Red Star in the sky            D/A
Like an evil omen              Bm7/E7
For all of us who fly.         C/E

Red Eye on the Star Stones
Like a fist, your clouds unfolding
In this need I wonder
What secrets they are holding.

     And I wonder what could be there    Bm7/E
     Evil shrouded in the clouds...      Bm7/E
     There's no choice but going         F/C
     Red Star, be our guide!             D/E

     (instrumental)      A/5 -- A11 -- F#7 -- Ddim -- Em

Red Eye on the Star Stones,
Red Star in the sky,
Though disaster was my payment
I had to try,                          C/E
I had to try,                          E/D
I had to try!                          D/A

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TIME & DISTANCE (A Prayer for Lady Mercy)
Words: Rob Sutherland	
Music: © 1994, Heather Borean and  Judith Hayman
In the cold of winter, in the dead of night,        Asus2/Em
From the edge of madness, my soul takes flight.     Asus2/Dsus2
Far above the world, I shimmer and spin,            Asus2/Em
The strange attractor moves within!                 Asus2/Dsus2/Dm-Dsus2-Dm
Oh Lady Mercy, Help me say,                         Dsus4/Dsus2/Asus2
Time and distance,                                  Dsus2 (Single notes: G F# E) 
Fall away ...                                       Asus2

Saw you standing in the sunlight, dancing just above the wave,
While the cycle turned unknowing, flesh to ashes, womb to grave,
Light to darkness, seed to flower.
Turning wheels, our lives devour
Curled up in our pain we pray,
Time and distance,
Fall away ...

We were conceived in a state of motion,
Rivers transform into ocean,
Energy, matter, information,
Pattern, language, communication.
We are light upon the way,
Time and distance, fall away ...
We are light upon the way,
Time and distance,
Fall away ...
Time and distance, 
Fall away.

(Based on: "Folk Of The Air" by Peter S. Beagle)

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© 2004, Judith Hayman